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Product Image Dime Bag

Dime Bag

The CFR Dime Bag was designed by Pemberton, BC-based FYi Design. Tom Routh; head designer, snowboard legend and all round sled and moto head wanted a water resistant and super tough bag for his CFR rack and the Dime Bag was the result. Tom chose leading fabric maker Dimension-Polyant for the outer shell because of its super tough and waterproof characteristics.

The CFR Dime Bag has velcro straps that wrap around the tubular bars of the CFR iRack 2.0, Mountain Rack and Link It Up Rack (Regular or 2.0)  in four spots to keep the bag locked in place. The high quality YKK water resistant zipper on the outside keeps your contents dry while the inside waterproof pocket is perfect for your wallet or phone and the key hook keeps your keys in the right place.

A CFR snow/ice scraper comes standard in all Dime Bags so you can scrape unwanted ice build up from your snowbo,ard, skis and running boards. The CFR Dime Bag allows 10 liters (610 cu-ins) of carrying capacity. Now you can bring along your first aid kit, tow rope, siphon hoses, beverages or whatever else you might need for your winter adventures.

 * The new #10 YKK water-resistant top zipper is long-lasting, can be opened and closed in the most demanding situations and keeps your gear dry.


Product Specs

  • Professionally used and approved by Logan Pehota and Travis Rice.
  • 10 liters (610 cu-ins) of waterproof carrying capacity.
  • 3 layer laminate construction with water resistant zippers.
  • Built-in velcro straps secure the Dime Bag into your CFR rack nicely.
  • Designed specifically to be used in CFR iRack 2.0, Mountain Rack and Link It Up Racks. (Regular or 2.0)
  • Inside pocket for holding your wallet and other valuables.
  • The attached key hook keeps keys in a safe place.
  • CFR snow/ice scraper included.